Israeli military firms lead world’s defense

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Israeli military companies are ranked among the 100 largest defense contractors in the world, according to weekly American magazine “Defense News”. The magazine, that covers security industries around the world, recently published a report of the largest defense companies globally in 2015. There are four Israeli companies among them: Elbit Systems, Israel …

Forbes Best Investment Ideas For 2012: Israel

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Prestigious financial magazine Forbes last week detailed contributing editor George Gilder’s best investment ideas for 2012, which focus on Israeli technology companies. Among his picks are leading Israeli semiconductor manufacturers EZChip, Broadcom, TowerJazz and Mellanox, biotech company Evogene and drug-discovery company Compugen. He notes EZChip’s leading fiberspeed video internet paradigm, and reports …

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Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Israel

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Watch this video for even more amazing facts you never knew about Israel.   Israel is an amazing nation that has contributed much to the world: In its 62 years, Israel has won more Nobel Prizes per capita than any other country other than Switzerland. Israel leads the world in the …