Additional Services

WMI offers additional services for individual purchase

The following services are offered only to non-U.S., current, non-Premium (self-managed) accounts. The services may be purchased individually. Premium managed accounts include all the following services.

Additional Information:

The client will be provided an asset class allocation chart, upside/downside projections, and a complete table of what the client should buy and how much of each security or financial asset to purchase him/herself online ($180)

Additional Information:

The Investment Advising hourly service allows clients to discuss their current or future investment portfolio on a general basis. Clients will receive an understanding of the Israeli capital market, current market conditions and performance, and tools in which to construct their own portfolio ($90/hour). Investment Advising does not replace the one-time initial Portfolio Creation service (purchased individually or as part of the Silver/Gold offerings) that provides a new client a complete breakdown of suggested financial assets (diversified Exchange Traded Funds tracking market indices) to purchase, including amounts, prices, projected upside-downside annual yields projections, expected cashflow, detailed ETF information and more. This service is not a replacement for full portfolio management (which is the Premium Managed Account). This service does not assist clients that wish to actively manage their self-directed accounts that incorporate individual securities. Wise Money Israel’s individual stock/bond research, portfolio composition, and securities recommendations are only offered to Premium Managed accounts.

Portfolio Creation

WMI provides, on a one-time basis, a suggested balanced portfolio based on an Investment Questionnaire. More information ($180)


Buying and Selling Securities

For clients who have already paid for Portfolio Creation and desire Wise Money Israel to buy or sell their securities online ($90)


Portfolio Creation and Initial Securities Purchasing

WMI provides, on a one time basis, a suggested balanced portfolio based on an Investment Questionnaire and inputs their purchases ($270)


Additional Funds Allocation

Wise Money Israel offers clients who already have an existing, invested account a discounted service to create an updated portfolio to accommodate additional funds in their account ($150)


Tax Reporting

Citizens of countries other than Israel may have tax reporting requirements. Based on their account data, we prepare for the client an unofficial tax worksheet for their local tax reporting needs ($90)


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