Core Values

It is not only about what we do, but also about how we do it. Our daily business, from client communications to trading, from office administration to market analysis, is affected by the values that guide us and allow us to turn our vision into a reality.

• Trust and Integrity – we understand that our clients are placing not only their funds in our care, but they are placing their trust with us. We take the management of their portfolios very seriously, and believe honesty must be honored in every facet of our work. From open communication to fair and accurate billing, and from strictly following Israel Securities Authority licensing regulations to precision in investing, our guiding principal is to be ethical and wise stewards of our clients accounts.

• Professionalism and Excellence – Our employees strive for the highest level of competence in the areas they are responsible for.  We hone our expertise to offer our clients the highest level of service possible. Using world-class portfolio management tools and market analysis, we provide licensed expertise in the Israeli capital market, while completing our work skillfully and efficiently. 

• Customer Focus and Personal Attention – We treat each client with respect. We don't stop until our clients' needs are fully taken care of. We work with each client independently to determine their specific investment needs, and makes a tailored portfolio that uniquely suits his or her needs. Clients may contact us via phone, email, video conference, in person or via chat to discuss any and all investment questions that arise (even after business hours).

• Prudence and Cultivation – Wise Money Israel is careful with our client's data, information and money. Our systems and website are secured, and our client's data is protected by Adviser-Client privilege. We legally cannot disclose information about client's information and portfolio without express signed, written consent from the client himself. We guard client portfolio from undue risk, to ensure growth suitable to each client's specific risk tolerance. Wise Money Israel also actively encourages our employees to learn new areas, develop new skills and techniques, and strive for excellence in all areas.