Premium IRA Account

Wise Money Israel offers fully managed, Premium investment accounts for United States Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

Premium IRA accounts are available for U.S. citizens and U.S. resident aliens who initially invest $50,000 or more, with no limit to the level of funds that can be invested.

Clients may rollover their IRA (Traditional, Inherited, Roth)/401(k)/SEP/SIMPLE IRA/457(b)/403(B) into an IRA account using IRS-compliance IRA custodian broker-dealer Interactive Brokers. With this tax-deferred account, Wise Money Israel LLC will manage your retirement investment account in the Israeli market in Israeli currency while still enjoying the tax deferral a U.S. retirement account.

As a premium client, your account would include the following services:

Opening Account
Account Funding Assistance
Email Support
Currency Conversion
Portfolio Creation
Detailed Portfolio Reporting (quarterly)
RMD assistance
Additional funds allocation
Ongoing Investment Management
Portfolio Securities Purchasing and Selling
Annual management fees Based on account balance