Premium Personal Account

Wise Money Israel (WMI) offers fully managed, Premium investment accounts with Israel's leading brokerage firms. Your account can be a personal account (single or joint) or  a IRA account (companies, non-profits, partnerships and organizations) and may be opened remotely from outside of Israel, or while visiting Israel.

Premium personal accounts are available for clients who initially invest $50,000+ USD (or equivalent in another currency), with no limit to the level of funds that may be invested. A personal account can be in the name of a single individual, jointly owned by two or three clients (relatives, partners etc.), or in the name of a trust.

The investment account is held at an Israeli brokerage (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange member firm) or US FINRA-registered broker-dealer, and is managed by Wise Money Israel which is given a limited Power of Attorney to advise, buy and sell securities on behalf of the client. Clients have access to their accounts at all times via the brokerage's English online trading portal.

As a premium client, your account would include the following services:

Opening Account
ID Certification Assistance
Account wiring Assistance
Email Support
Currency Conversion
Portfolio Creation
Initial Portfolio Securities Purchasing
Detailed Portfolio Reporting (quarterly)
Tax Report Preparation
Additional funds allocation
Ongoing Investment Advising
Annual management fees Based on account balance