Should I Consider Investing in Israel?

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Why invest in Israel? Here are the top reasons people invest their money in the Holy Land. You'll also find out why foreign investors are putting billions of dollars in Israel and what makes its economy so special. Investing in Israel isn't just for the mega-rich or sophisticated investor; this article is about why you should consider linking some of your money with Israel regardless of the amount or your investment experience.

Top reasons to invest in Israel

  1. Wise investors want international exposure and they know that Israel is an attractive investment destination. Foreign investors have been earning very good returns in the Israeli capital market.
  2. Many people consider the compelling biblical reasons to invest in Israel as their guide when it comes to linking their money with the country.
  3. Successful investors recognize Israel's economic strength, reaffirmed by its stability in the recent global financial crisis. It's a good place to put your money compared with the U.S., Europe and other developed markets.
  4. As a smart investor, you should hedge against the weakening of your own currency by holding other strong currencies in your portfolio. Investing in Israeli securities ensures that all your eggs are not in one basket.
  5. Investing in Israel connects you to the land and people of Israel and gives you a stake in its future growth.
  6. It's a practical step that tells your children that Israel is important to you, because actions speak louder than words.
  7. By investing in Israeli companies through stocks or corporate bonds, you support Israel, its people and its economy.
  8. In these turbulent times, it is smart to have some capital outside of your country and currency because during severe economic crises, governments sometimes prohibit transferring capital out of the country.
  9. Jewish families around the world need to be prepared because antisemitism is rising. It is imperative to learn from history and link a portion of your wealth to Israel.

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How can I invest in Israel?

There are many ways to invest in Israel or Israeli companies, from buying Israeli stocks on Wall StreetETFs or mutual funds, bonds, or investing directly on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange from an Israeli investment account. You can read more about  our article for details.

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