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You can now learn about the Israeli financial market in person or online. If you’re in Israel, there are many fine universities and colleges that teach investing in the Israel financial markets, our favorite being Megamot College of Capital Market. However, most people interested in investing in Israel, don’t live in Israel. So, we’ve put this list together of good online resources you can use to learn more about the Israel capital market.

Government sites
  • Bank of Israel: Here you will find press releases, exchange rates, monetary policy, interest rates, financial legislation and economic reports on this site
  • Finance Ministry:  Here you will find economic research, statistics, tax and capital market information, credit rating, financial projects, budget on this site
Stock Exchange

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange site provides market data, graphs, prices, rules and regulations, brokerages and trading banks, trading schedule, news, statistics, listings, prospectuses and company announcements in English and in Hebrew.

Israeli financial sites

There are many good capital market websites, some of which have English versions. For sites that are in Hebrew, we suggest you use a browser-based translator tool such as Google Translate. Here is a listing of several good sites:


Are you looking for a particular type of information? Let us know or leave a comment below on your experience with these sites.

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  1. I only care to invest a small amount each month which may be taken directly out my checking account. I am not sure if this type of investment is available in Israel. I want to place all of my investment money each month in Zion Oil and Gas. If there is an investment firm in Tel Aviv or elsewhere in Israel that would handle this type of account, I certainly would appreciate any help you might provide.


    Steve Martelli

  2. I’m 81 in good health and seeking advice on how to invest in Israel. I’m looking for a sound stock that provides dividends. Any field you suggest would be appreciated.


    William Richter

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