Glenn Beck Stands with Israel (video)

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Watch this video of Glenn Beck (a well-known TV news commentator) standing with Israel during the recent Gaza rocket attacks.

Glenn Beck:
I want to tell you what it's like to live in most of Israel right now.
A missile is fired by Hamas in Gaza...
A siren goes off.
You get 15 seconds to find shelter.
I want Americans to think about what that means.
If you lived in a place where missiles were fired at you...
Hundreds a day...
And you would get just 15 seconds to hide...
How would you live?
Stop what you're doing. Run to a basement. A shelter.
And if you can't make it inside...
Lie flat on the ground with your arms over your head.
That's life in Israel right now.
None of us would be willing to accept this.
None of us would have to.
Every country has a right to defend itself against terror.
But they keep telling Israel... "don't overreact!" "don't fire back!" "be careful!" "don't ramp things up!"
Let me get this straight...
If Mexico fired a missile into El Paso, you know what we would do?
If Japan fired a missile into Beijing, you know what China would do?
So why does Israel have to hold back?
Why does every country get to defend itself...
But not Israel?
Why could that be?
I think we know why.
A Jewish man was walking down the street in midtown Manhattan over the weekend.
He passed by a group of people protesting on the street.
They were holding up signs, criticizing Israel.
He was wearing a yarmulke.
So they called him a "dirty Jew."
We've seen this move before.
We've seen the terror before.
We've seen the sirens...and the bombs... and the threats.
We've even seen the insults.
"Dirty Jew."
Nothing original there.
So I think we know what's really going on here.
It has nothing to do with embargoes... or borders... or anything else that CAN be solved.
It's because Israel exists. And it's a Jewish state.
Let's be honest with ourselves.
There are some people who can't get past that.
The world's oldest hatred.
It's alive in our time. And it's not hiding.
It's right there in Gaza.
Gaza is the new Nuremberg.
The epicenter of Jew-hatred.
The birthplace of a million young haters.
And they all want the same thing.
Kill the Jews.
That's all they know.
All they ever will know.
In every generation that came before us,
They would beat up the Jews.
Harass the Jews.
Chase the Jews.
Kill the Jews.
Always the Jews.
And usually, they got away with it.
But not this time.
No more.
This time, we will stand with Israel.
We will stand for the truth.
We will stand for freedom.
We will stand for life.
And so I want to say something.
Something for those kids in the bomb shelters.
The kids who can't keep their sheets dry at night, they're so scared.
The kids who are just like my own kids.
They just want to play with their friends.
See them at school.
They don't want to hide in holes in the ground.
We are with you.
We will always be with you.
You have many, many friends here in America.
And this is a message for Israel's leaders.
We will not forget you, nor forsake you.
We are brothers.
The nation of Israel lives... forever.

- Published on Nov 19, 2012 on Glenn Beck's YouTube channel

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