Protect yourself from rising inflation: unique opportunity to convert currency now

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You may be watching the current financial situation with concern, due to growing inflation, tremendous money printing, and talk of the U.S. dollar (USD) potentially losing its world reserve currency status that it has had since 1944. Since January 2020, the U.S. has printed nearly 80% of all USD in existence.

It is now time to take proactive steps to protect yourself by considering transferring more USD (or other currency) to your Israeli shekel-based investment account. This move that will help diversify your investments from a currency perspective, and can hedge against the eroding value of the dollar.

As of the date of this article, given that the annual inflation reported is 8.5% in the United States, 7.8% in the European Union, 7.3% in Germany, 7% in the U.K. and 6.7% in Canada, Israel’s relatively low inflation rate of 3.5% (currently) as of is seen as a safe haven to slow the quick erosion of hard-earned gains.

But, due to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s recent interest rate increase to slow the acceleration of U.S. inflation, as of the date of this article, the USD has increased 8.1% in the past 15 currency trading days against the Israeli shekel (NIS). This temporarily has slowed the long-term trend of a weakening USD, while the long-term trend of the dollar devaluation continues (the shekel’s value increased 46% over the USD over the past 20 years - as of the date of this article).

This current situation presents you a unique opportunity to transfer USD (or your currency) and convert to NIS now while this erosion has slowed temporarily. These opportunities are rare and short-lived. As we watch the global markets, our firm advises to take action before the long-term trend resumes.

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