Partner Organizations

  • The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) Website is fully compatible in English and offers a vast array of in-depth historical and current information and data on every stock, bond and publicly traded company on the exchange. View charts, export Excel files and more.

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    Meitav Dash is one of Israel's largest and leading brokerage firms, managing over $32 Billion U.S. Dollars for private, business and institutional clients. Find out more about Meitav Dash, our Israeli partner brokerage firm where our clients funds are held.

  • Advanta IRA Services, LLC is a U.S. Self-Directed IRA Admnistrator that WMI partners with to have client IRA funds invested in Israel's capital market. On their website you can find information about Self-Directed IRAs and how they work, and contact them for further details.

  • The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) is the Israeli Government body that regulates the publicly traded market, i.e. the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. On the ISA website you can find extensive information about laws and regulations pertaining to the Israeli capital market.