Partner Programs

Wise Money Israel is glad to offer you the chance to partner with us by spreading the news and giving your family, friends, work colleagues and other acquaintances the exciting possibility of investing in Israel.

This program is suitable for your if you intend to casually refer potential clients to Wise Money Israel via email without conducting ongoing local marketing and/or client service activities.

The referrer will send an email to [email protected] indicating the name of the potential client and their email address. WMI will then contact the potential client and answer any questions they may have, and if they so desire, work with them to open a managed account at the largest brokerage firm in Israel (with 1,000 employees). As part of the brokerage forms that WMI pre-populates for the client for their signature, the client also signs a one-page limited Power of Attorney Appendix giving WMI the ability to buy and sell securities in that account. The account is not held with WMI, and WMI cannot withdraw funds from the account.

Wise Money Israel (WMI) pays a one-time referral fee equal to the first three months of management fee WMI charges to the client. This fee is paid for clients that sign up for a WMI-managed account ($100,000+), after the client has passed the three-month mark billing cycle.

The referrer refers a client to WMI. The client opens an account and funds $250,000 on January 1. During the Q1 billing cycle (end of April), the client will be billed 0.3% of the account balance on March 31 (a pro-ration of the 1.2% annual management fee for that level of funding). Assuming the account has grown to $253,000 by March 31, the referrer will receive a check for $759 ($253,000 *0.3%).

If you would like to join the Wise Money Israel referral program, or would like additional information about the program, please contact us.