Stock Investing for Dummies Review

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Here is a book that can help you build a profitable stock portfolio: Stock Investing For Dummies is a practical guide that gives you proven strategies for weathering the current economic crisis and for selecting and managing profitable investments in either a bear or bull market. This book should help you navigate the new economic landscape and choose the right stocks for different situations — it includes fresh real-world examples from the past three years that show you how to maximize your returns from stock investing.

The book focuses on:

  • Getting started with the basics — understand stock value, assess your finances, set your investing goals, and know your investing style
  • Recognizing the risks — explore different kinds of risk and weigh risk against return
  • Making informed investing decisions — research stocks, understand growth and income investing, and use basic economics to improve your stock strategy
  • Building a strong foundation for your portfolio — investigate industries, evaluate a company's financial health, and understand the effect of politics/government on stock investing
  • Capitalizing on emerging sector opportunities — from precious metals to alternative energy, discover the hot sectors that will make your portfolio thrive
  • Building (and holding on to) your wealth — get expert tips and tactics for utilizing brokerage orders, buying with fewer costs, and keeping the taxman at bay

The book shows you how to find:

  • The differences between stock investing and trading
  • How to understand and use indexes
  • The various types of brokers and how to choose one
  • New ways to gather stock information online
  • Methods for tracking insider trading
  • Early signs of mega-trends that can affect your portfolio
  • Solutions for protecting your profits
  • Investing resources and financial ratios

The author, Paul Mladjenovic is a well-known Certified Financial Planner and national speaker on investing and financial matters. He is the owner of PM Financial Services and, and he has been quoted or referenced by media outlets, publications, and financial Web sites. Mladjenovic is also the author of Precious Metals Investing For Dummies.

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- Amazon Editorial Reviews, 2010

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