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Wise Money Israel (WMI) offers various services securely via credit card or Paypal to help you invest in Israel. WMI works with our clients in-person in Israel, or via mail/email, phone or video conference for clients outside Israel (an Israeli investment account can be setup via email/mail). To set up your free introductory call, contact us. Accounts may be opened for individuals,  joint accounts, partnerships, organizations, companies (including LLCs) and U.S. retirement accounts (self-directed IRAs, rolled over from various IRAs/401k/403b, etc.).

Opening Account Assistance

Outside of Israel/Remote

Set up an Israeli investment account with no hassles. WMI will provide you with all the help you need to make this process easy:

  • Your account will be opened with the largest Israeli brokerage firm (with 1,000 employees, that manage over 160 billion shekels); your account is held with the brokerage firm, not with Wise Money Israel
  • Provision of English brokerage forms pre-populated with your data to open your Israeli brokerage account, and detailed instructions on the process
  • Instructions for identification certification via mail for residents outside of Israel, specific to your state and/or country
  • Accompany you through the process of opening the account, funding your account and currency conversion
  • Help with the English-language brokerage online investment platform (website)
  • We will interface directly with the brokerage firm when necessary during the opening account process
  • English/Hebrew translation when necessary (not normally needed)
  • A complementary 20-minute call when requested to discuss the opening account process, working with your Israeli investment account, answer your questions, etc.
  • Brokerage account minimum: 20,000 shekels ($5,000 USD)
  • The brokerage provides monthly reports in English mailed to the client’s address
  • Fee: $125 for individual, joint or U.S. IRA accounts ($250 for corporation/organization). This fee is waived for managed accounts.
  • This assistance service may also be utilized by Israeli residents to open a brokerage account without the need to visit the brokerage’s offices in the Tel Aviv area
  • Contact us for more details

In Israel

If you live in, or are traveling to Israel and intend to open your account in Israel, Wise Money Israel can assist you to open your account. The identification process will be done easily with a brokerage employee:

  • All the same assistance above, including pre-populating your forms for your printing and signature
  • WMI will mobilize a brokerage employee to meet you in Israel at your location/work/residence/hotel to identify you (will take a photo of the Israeli ID, or passport and driver’s license, of all account holders) and to receive your signed forms
  • Fee: $125 for individual or  joint accounts ($250 for corporation/organization). This fee is waived for managed accounts.
  • Contact us for more details

Managed Investment Account Service

Various managed account services are offered for accounts through an Israel Securities Authority licensed broker (either Wise Money Israel at $100,000+ or another licensed portfolio management firm at $60,000). The managed account includes the following (in English):

  • Professional, complete portfolio management or investment advising services
  • English-speaking Portfolio Manager/Investment Advisor at your disposal
  • Financial planning: data gathering, goal setting, plan development, implementation and review
  • Risk management
  • Asset allocation tailored to your specific needs
  • Active account management to maximize your returns
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Reinvestment of bond payments, bond redemption, and dividends payments
  • Complete transaction execution, including determination of good entry and exit points (can considerably increase yield), including various types of Limit orders
  • Quarterly reporting in English, and ad-hoc as requested (in addition to monthly brokerage reporting)
  • Facilitating wire transfers, currency conversion, administrative changes, and Hebrew-translation (if necessary) with your Tel Aviv Stock Exchange member firm where your account is held
  • Yearly review of client’s investment performance, needs and goals
  • Fee: between 1.35% and 0.8% annually of assets under management (depending on initial balance)
  • Contact us for more details

Initial Portfolio Setup Assistance

Once you’ve opened your investment account, WMI can help familiarize you with the Israeli capital market and help you make wise decision regarding your individual investments. This service includes:

  • Discuss your investment options, familiarize you with various Israeli investment vehicles, risks and current yields, diversification mechanisms, performance expectations, answer general Israeli investment questions, etc.
  • Help you plan your portfolio allocation: what percentage to allocate to each asset class, sector, bond type, fund or security based on your age, cash needs, risk tolerance and timeframe that you define
  • Research securities and various financial instruments: help you determine which specific Israeli stock, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds or index funds meet criteria you outline, your risk and yield expectations, and your investment timeframe
  • For securities and financial assets you indicate interest in, WMI will provide you the securities number (similar to ticker symbols on Wall Street), current price, number of units to purchase, order types possible (limit types, fill-or-kill, minimum order, etc.), industry/sector, portfolio allocation percentage, brokerage commission per transaction, and information regarding current Yield-to-Maturity, credit rating, bond Duration, interest rate type and expected annual shekel yield for bonds.
  • Instruction on how to work directly with your brokerage (phone, fax, email or online) to execute your transactions
  • Fee: $80/hour (discount for five hours: $375)

Ongoing Investment Account Services

Self-Directed Investment Account Assistance Services

With this service, a local WMI Israeli investment expert is available to you to:

  • Answer your general investment and procedural questions as you manage your account
  • Help you work with your brokerage to obtain periodic reports (capital gain/interest/dividend reports, tax reports, etc.), transfer and currency convert funds, etc.
  • Help with researching a particular stock or bond you’d like more information on, or research a particular market sector
  • Familiarize you with the current trends in the Israeli market from local Hebrew news sources
  • Assist in analyzing your monthly statements
  • Assistance in working with your brokerage firm, and training on the brokerage online trading system
  • Fee: $80/hour (discount for five hours: $375)

Portfolio Update Service

The financial markets change over time. You will want to review your investment decisions periodically and make any adjustments needed to maximize your gains or mitigate risk:

  • Help you understand the recent trends in the Israeli market so that you can consider optimizing your investments for yourself, if necessary, to produce greater return with less risk
  • Assistance in understanding monthly account statements including verification of dividends, interest payments, fees and securities’ or overall portfolio performance
  • Compare your portfolio performance to Israeli benchmarks to verify you’re beating the market or not, and perhaps make changes
  • Fee: $80/hour

Tax Preparation Assistance Service

Wise Money Israel can help gather relevant investment account information, dates, currency exchanges rates, cost and profit information to help you (or your accountant) fill out tax form for your country:

  • Fee: $80/hour

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