Investment account identification options


The reason Israeli law requires this step of identification is to protect against money laundering. After you’ve decided to open an account, we can email you specific instructions on how to get two forms of identification officially certified. There are several ways that you can fulfill the identification requirement for opening an Israeli investment account. You can choose one of the options below:

1.  Local government notary certification (known as Apostille stamp, or Certification of Authentication) – this can be obtained by mail or in person from your local state government office for a very small fee. You will need a notarized photocopy of two forms of identification (typically passport and driver’s license) stamped with the Apostille stamp (or Certification of Authentication stamp) for each account holder.

2. Israeli Consulate abroad – if you are near an Israeli Consulate or plan to travel to one, you can have the Israeli representatives at the Consulate verify your identity based on your passport and another form of ID.

3. If you live in, or are traveling to Israel, you can identify yourself directly to brokerage personnel with your Israeli ID card (or foreign passport) and one other form of a state/federal government photo ID (such as a driver’s license).

Contact us for assistance with finding the nearest option to you.