Invest in Israel Without Knowing the Language

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While it's always helpful to know a foreign language, it isn't necessary to invest internationally. Wise Money Israel was started to help foreign investors invest in Israel by providing reliable and timely information in English. Our articles will introduce you to the market, help you understand [post=121 text="why investing in Israel is a good idea"], what your investment options are, assist you in [post=1168 text="opening an account"], and help you [post=1373 text="execute purchase orders"] on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Much information can be obtained about the economy of Israel in English from the Israeli government websites. There are also [post=268 text="online news sites in English"] covering the financial markets in Israel, including details of stocks and bonds in the Israeli stock market. Also, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange website is in English.

There are other fine, [post=268 text="local Hebrew financial websites"] with current prices, charts, and analysis of various Israel stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs. These sites can be translated into many other languages with the click of a button using a free website translator plug-in like Google Translate. Read [post=278] for more ideas on Israeli investments.

Don't let your lack of Hebrew stop you from investing in Israel. Feel free to contact us for help.

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